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Welcome to the Titanium Makes You Stronger Team Page for the 2013 Seattle Brain Cancer Walk!
Welcome Friends,

Our wonderful team is participating in the 2013 Seattle Brain Cancer Walk benefiting brain cancer research in the Pacific Northwest.

Please consider joining us this year by donating or signing up for our team. Every person who runs, walks, donates or volunteers is helping make a positive impact on brain cancer research.

Our Team

Team Members
Name Raised
Kami J. CombesCaptain $735.00
Kristi Gray $150.00
Emma Combes $25.00
Stanley Combes $25.00
Natalie Pierson $100.00
Robert Drovdahl $0.00
Patrick J. Combes $0.00
Jodi Sikora $1,720.00
Katie Drovdahl $0.00
Krista Fleming $50.00
Annika Fleming $0.00
Drew Fleming $0.00
Sean Fleming $0.00
Martin Yam $0.00
Marjorie Yam $0.00
Mark Drovdahl $0.00
Maria Polich $25.00
Jessie Staub $0.00
Rian Pierson $0.00
Joy Drovdahl $0.00

Team has 20 Individuals

Our Photos


Our Progress


Our Donors

Team Sponsors
NameDateTeam MemberComments
Matt Sikora 9/24/2013 Kami J. Combes
Anonymous 9/22/2013 Kristi Gray
Candy Bretschneider 9/21/2013 Kami J. Combes
Anonymous 9/21/2013 Jodi Sikora
Kendra Duncan 9/21/2013 Jodi Sikora Julie supports my sis, I support her sis !!! Sista LOVE!!
Anonymous 9/20/2013 Kami J. Combes Thank you Mary Cropp!
Maureen Nistal 9/20/2013 Jodi Sikora Best wishes :)
Jeffrey Lehl 9/20/2013 Jodi Sikora
Dale Bachman 9/20/2013 Jodi Sikora -Dale and Judy Bachman
Anonymous 9/20/2013 Jodi Sikora My Sister, My Friend, Through Thick and Thin. Love Ya
Joan Lehl 9/19/2013 Jodi Sikora Love you so much.
Julie Lehl 9/19/2013 Jodi Sikora Kick ass!!
Peggy Prewett 9/18/2013 Kami J. Combes Cheers to you Kami!
Shannon Davison Trichak 9/17/2013 Jodi Sikora
Tara Romoff 9/16/2013 Kami J. Combes
Anonymous 9/14/2013 Kami J. Combes
Anonymous 9/3/2013 Emma Combes It so wonderful that you keep participating every year, Emma! Good job!
Anonymous 9/3/2013 Stanley Combes It's so great that you participate every year. You are the man, Stan!
Maria Polich 9/3/2013 Maria Polich
Krista Fleming 8/30/2013 Krista Fleming
Natalie Pierson 8/22/2013 Natalie Pierson
Robert Drovdahl 6/5/2013 Kami J. Combes
Kristi Gray 6/4/2013 Kristi Gray

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