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Welcome to the Team CEF & Defeat Goliath Team Page for the 2013 Seattle Brain Cancer Walk! Please join the Chris Elliott Fund and David Heyting's Team at this year's Walk!

Due to a wonderfully generous sponsor, the first 150 registered walkers will get a special team t-shirt!
Welcome Friends,

Our wonderful team is participating in the 2013 Seattle Brain Cancer Walk benefiting brain cancer research in the Pacific Northwest.

Please consider joining us this year by donating or signing up for our team! All donations to this team go directly to Chris Elliott Fund’s Integrative Patient Support Program at The Ivy Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment at Swedish.

Our Team

Team Members
Name Raised
David HeytingCaptain $5,055.00
Jennifer Lerch $0.00
Nicole Lerch $0.00
Barbara Howe $0.00
Tori Howe $0.00
Kylie Schluter $330.00
Keri Kliemann $150.00
Lisa M. Nelson $11,660.00
Kira Spiro $0.00
Dianne Spiro $0.00
Leslie Hodel $0.00
Janet Hanson $325.00
Maggie Vreeburg $0.00
Amanda Vreeburg $0.00
Kassie Kliemann $0.00
Jason Jarett $50.00
Chelsea Jarett $0.00
Jaime Foreman $0.00
Owen Foreman $0.00
Lily Foreman $0.00
Natalie Foreman $0.00
Mason Foreman $0.00
Stefanie Baker $50.00
Matthew Baker $0.00
Suzanne M. Hawksford $100.00

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Our Photos


Our Progress


Our Donors

Team Sponsors
NameDateTeam MemberComments
Dariel Norris 2/18/2014 David Heyting
The Boeing Company 11/13/2013 Jeff Stranc
Jim Dow 10/16/2013 David Heyting From Jim & Jane Macnab Dow
Tom Sante 9/25/2013 Lisa M. Nelson from Tom and Allison Sante
Joylyn Seeley 9/24/2013 Lisa M. Nelson from Joylyn and David Seeley
Joan Savard 9/24/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Dawn McDonald 9/24/2013 Lisa M. Nelson from Dawn and Emily McDonald
Jim Heer 9/24/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Victoria Watson 9/24/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Jason Joss 9/24/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Paula Bordenet 9/24/2013 David Heyting
Morgan Espeland 9/23/2013 David Heyting from Steve and Morgan Espeland
Anonymous 9/23/2013 Lisa M. Nelson GET WELL SOON!!!
Brian Kenworthy 9/23/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Go Brian!
Sandra Hooker 9/23/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Tyler Johnson 9/23/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Michael Richerson 9/23/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Michael Richerson 9/23/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Renee Chmelar 9/23/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Kelly McNelis 9/21/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Amy Battiata 9/21/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Wish we could be there with you!! We are with u every step of the way Bri!!
Kelly Reilly 9/21/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Kelly Reilly 9/21/2013 Lisa M. Nelson About to step out the door here in Palo Alto to walk with you in spirit! The slight drizzle here is the next best thing to being in Seattle. All the Best to You and Your Walking Group.
Julie Bennett 9/21/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Go TEAM BRIAN! -Julie and Steven Bennett
Iris Grasst 9/21/2013 Lisa M. Nelson You have our support and prayers!
Ian Curry 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Anonymous 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Pat Lindsey 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Zach Vall-Spinosa 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Go Brian Go!
Jim Maggi 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Kenneth Hirata 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
David Hogan 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Vanessa Herzog 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson I hope you win!
Steve Bouret 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Good thoughts and prayers are with you
Andy Miller 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Cant keep a good Dawg down! Go Brian.
Keith Honsberger 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Keith and Debbie Honsberger
Gary Guenther 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Brian, Keep up the fight!
Josh Schweitz 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Eric Bissell 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Ben Garrett 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Good luck Brian!
Randy Gilliam 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Brian, keep that great attitude going!
Damon Nasman 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Go Nelson Family!! -Damon and Kristin Nasman
Mark Fraser 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Chris Jones 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Wish I could be there for the walk. Go Team Brian! - Chris Jones
Julie Silvers 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Rock on, Team Brian!! I'm wearing my wrist band!
D. Peart 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Arden Erickson 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Go Nelson's! We love you! -Arden and Barry Erickson
Anonymous 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Sylvia Erickson
Anonymous 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
James Nichols 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Way to go Brian!
Jim Reynolds 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Awesome job Brian! Thanks to all who are walking and helping out. Wish I could be there with you. Jim Reynolds
Karen Marcotte 9/20/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Wishing you all the best tomorrow during your walk! Stay strong!
Traci Stephens 9/20/2013 David Heyting For Nick and Stac. Hang in there! We love you!
Tiffany English 9/20/2013 David Heyting A school fundraiser conflicts but I'll be there in spirit and will donate to the cause as always!
Donna Himpler 9/20/2013 David Heyting
Gary Moed 9/19/2013 David Heyting
Stacey Mankoff 9/19/2013 David Heyting For my super hero boyfriend, Nik. KILL IT!
Colleen Brandt-Schluter 9/19/2013 Kylie Schluter With love, Mom and Dad
Richard Schroeter 9/19/2013 Kylie Schluter Your commitment to this worthy cause is admirable!
-- Richard & Carol Schroeter
David Wyman 9/19/2013 Lisa M. Nelson For Brian and Lisa Nelson
Steven Klein 9/19/2013 Lisa M. Nelson The very best to you
Brian Finnegan 9/19/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Rachel Corp 9/19/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Love you, Brian!
Lisa Stewart 9/19/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Sandy Nelson 9/19/2013 Eileen Uebelacker
Julie Mattes 9/19/2013 Eileen Uebelacker
Corine Nussmeier 9/18/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Go Team Brian !
Christopher Pearson 9/18/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
MS Wells 9/18/2013 Lisa M. Nelson We walk with you in spirit on Saturday, always in our hearts & sometimes in the neighborhood =)
Cynthia Weber 9/18/2013 Jeff Stranc
Anonymous 9/18/2013 David Heyting
Dellann Elliott 9/18/2013 David Heyting
Anonymous 9/18/2013 David Heyting
Anonymous 9/18/2013 David Heyting
Barbara Webb 9/18/2013 David Heyting
Ramsey Warren 9/18/2013 David Heyting David, Wish I could be there with you, but I'll be in Missoula this weekend. Good luck and Defeat Goliath!!
Cecily Fox 9/18/2013 Keri Kliemann
Jeff Ihler 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Cant make the walk, but will be thinking of you
Dave Messner 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Gordon Buchan 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Michael Eskenazi 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Bri, you are a rock, stay strong. Eski
David Bernard 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson On behalf of Brian Nelson
Reed Payne 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson In honor of Brian Nelson...Keep fighting the fight Brian...

Reed Payne
Brian Engelking 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Laura Fox 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Brian, you're in my thoughts!
Brian Adams 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Keep up the positive attitude all the time Brian!
Kathy and I are supporting you all the way.
Doug Stewart 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Mark Clirehugh 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Anonymous 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Nelson Family - You are in our thoughts and prayers!
Marjorie O'Neill 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Bob Conrad 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Way to go Brian, keep it up.
Judy Ann Moulton 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Be as strong as that voice of yours!
Hugh Phillips 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Kevin Joshi 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Anonymous 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Rick Hart 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Craig Dickson 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson You can do it Brian!
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Jon Diamond 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Kristine Ilgenfritz 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Brian Nelson!!!
Lynn Johnson 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Gordon Hodge 9/17/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Anonymous 9/17/2013 David Heyting
Anonymous 9/17/2013 David Heyting
Margaret Newman 9/17/2013 David Heyting
Anonymous 9/17/2013 Jeff Stranc
Marilyn Bergstrom 9/17/2013 Sherry Bergstrom From Marilyn and Jim
Anonymous 9/17/2013 Emma Bergstrom
Anonymous 9/17/2013 Janis Armfield
Robin Gillespie 9/17/2013 Janet Hanson Go Janet!
Anonymous 9/17/2013 Amanda Bergstrom
Elaine Kilgore Keen 9/17/2013 Elaine J. Keen
Karen White 9/17/2013 Karen White
Lauren Anderson 9/17/2013 Eileen Uebelacker
Roger Violette 9/16/2013 Roger Violette
Brenda Handley 9/16/2013 Eileen Uebelacker In memory of George Dickerson -from Brenda and Chuck Handley
Alison Falco 9/16/2013 Eileen Uebelacker
Barry Unger 9/16/2013 Eileen Uebelacker
Sherry Bergstrom 9/16/2013 Sherry Bergstrom
Judy Stepak 9/16/2013 Janet Hanson
Steven Sutton 9/16/2013 Janet Hanson
Kirsten Bowers Barstow 9/16/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Patty Roberts 9/16/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Kay Zatine 9/16/2013 David Heyting
Abby Durr 9/16/2013 David Heyting
Diane Belleba 9/15/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Peter Powell 9/15/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Brian, wish i was in town to walk with you! Peter
Elizabeth McKinley 9/15/2013 Lisa M. Nelson No brainer! Thanks to all who are walking and supporting Brian!!
Patty Day 9/15/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Chuck Thuot 9/15/2013 Gayle Thuot
Kathy Anderson 9/15/2013 Kathy Anderson
Sheliah Escarda 9/15/2013 Sheliah Escarda
Tom Wage 9/15/2013 Tom Wage
Jann Ledbetter 9/14/2013 Jann Ledbetter
Sean Wilson 9/14/2013 Sean Wilson
Teresa Stedman 9/14/2013 David Heyting Go Defeat Goliath! Bummed I can't make the walk itself.
Dan Farrow 9/14/2013 Keri Kliemann defeat goliath! -Dan and Kris Farrow
Bernadette Acacio 9/14/2013 Vince Armfield Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this. We are praying for your friend and his family.
Bernadette Acacio 9/14/2013 Janis Armfield Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this. We are praying for your friend and his family.
Patricia Loveall 9/13/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Reyna Parcells 9/13/2013 Janet Hanson In memory of Gary Bracken
Laurie Cockrell 9/13/2013 Janet Hanson Glad to support you in this!
George Mundell 9/13/2013 Janet Hanson Go go go!
Chelsea Bernard 9/13/2013 Kylie Schluter Wish I could join you for the walk!
Kelley Arnold 9/12/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Brian. Diane and I are with you to the finish line. Have a great walk and a great day. Thoughts, prayers and blessings to you and yours
Ben Nelson 9/11/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Jason Rittereiser 9/11/2013 Kylie Schluter from Jason & Michelle Rittereiser
Wendy Rittereiser 9/11/2013 Kylie Schluter from Steve & Wendy Rittereiser
Tyler Johnson 9/10/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Karen King 9/10/2013 Paula Bordenet
Monica Payne 9/9/2013 Monica Payne
Brian Rittereiser 9/9/2013 Kylie Schluter
Kristi Gray 9/8/2013 David Heyting The Chris Elliott Fund is doing amazing work for the brain cancer community. Happy to support both CEF & Seattle Brain Cancer Walk
Pamela Brown 9/7/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Stay strong Brian and Lisa!!
Karen DeStefano 9/7/2013 Karen DeStefano
Heidi Seligman 9/6/2013 Paula Bordenet Paula, I'm proud of how you honor your dad's memory this way year after year and I'm happy to support you. I think he'll be with you in spirit on the 21st! Love, Heidi & the gang
James Bordenet 9/6/2013 Paula Bordenet
Slavica Frljanic 9/4/2013 Paula Bordenet
Carol Schroeter 9/4/2013 Kylie Schluter
Teresa Conboy 9/3/2013 Paula Bordenet I'll be with you in spirit!!!
Julie Varness 8/31/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Go Brian and Lisa! We are behind you all the way!
-- Eric & Julie Varness
Lynn Krueger 8/31/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Beat it Brian! Wishing you and your family the very best!
-- Lynn & Doug Krueger
Denni Shefrin 8/30/2013 David Heyting
Charlie Salmon 8/30/2013 David Heyting Love you guys and so proud of how you have handled your cancer. I'm praying that you will be able to raise the goal and look forward to it serving others in need.
Benjamin Bear 8/30/2013 David Heyting
Gale Smith 8/30/2013 Gale Smith
Ted Hawksford 8/29/2013 Suzanne M. Hawksford
Kevin Prchal 8/29/2013 David Heyting from Kevin & Susie Prchal
Carol Van Noy 8/29/2013 David Heyting Go David!
Patrick Sprague 8/29/2013 David Heyting
Lisa Derheim 8/29/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Laura Hamilton 8/29/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Karen Shermer 8/28/2013 Lisa M. Nelson Go, Brian and Lisa. We are virtually walking with you in Minnesota!
-- Mark and Karen Shermer
Claire Tinker 8/28/2013 David Heyting
Stefanie Baker 8/28/2013 Stefanie Baker
Jason Jarett 8/27/2013 Jason Jarett
Patty Brandt 8/27/2013 Kylie Schluter from Patty & Terry Brandt
Laura Harkin 8/26/2013 Kylie Schluter If I'm not in Tennessee I would love to walk with you too! xo
Brian Nelson 8/24/2013 Lisa M. Nelson
Victoria Serles 8/20/2013 David Heyting

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9/16/2013I'll be walking in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day on Sept. 21 and I will be walking with you all in spirit Brian Neslon Family. You are in our thoughts and prayers. The Roberts FamilyPatty Roberts
9/10/2013Walk the "Walk" and keep up the good fight against brain cancer!! Families continue to need hope against this disease.M Brudwick & the Whatcom Co BTSG
7/12/2013Learn more about the Chris Elliott Fund at also check out David's Story and his journey See you at the walk!Chris Elliott Fund
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