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Welcome Friends,

Our team is participating in the 2014 SummeRun & Walk benefiting the Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research.

Please consider joining us this year by donating or signing up for our team. Every person who runs, walks, pledges or volunteers is helping make a positive impact on ovarian cancer research.

You can join us at the SummeRun & Walk by clicking Join our team. Remember to enter our team in the Team Name field as you go through the registration process (Note that the team name may not appear if it was only very recently created). You can also help by sponsoring our team or an individual on our team. It's easy to make a gift, just click on Donate to Support Us! on the right. To support an individual, click on that team member's name and then click on Donate to Support Me! on that person’s page.

Thank You!



Our Donors

Team Sponsors
NameDateTeam MemberComments
Adam Sykulski 7/28/2014 Sandlin Seguin
Jessica Znosko 7/27/2014 Sandlin Seguin Thank you for running! Happy Birthday!
Betty Seguin 7/22/2014 Matt Seguin For Sandlin's birthday!
Betty Seguin 7/22/2014 Sandlin Seguin Happy birthday!
Mathew Seguin 7/21/2014 Sandlin Seguin For your birthday...
Mathew Seguin 7/21/2014 Matt Seguin
Gordon Preecs 6/16/2014 Sandlin Seguin Don't slow down kids!!
Zeb Haradon 6/9/2014 Sandlin Seguin

Our Progress


Our Team

Team Members
Name Raised
Sandlin SeguinCaptain $660.00
Matt Seguin $150.00

Team has 2 Individuals

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