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Welcome to Holly's Heroes Team Page for the 2013 Seattle Brain Cancer Walk! Make an impact. Donate.
Welcome Friends,

We have been top fundraisers in previous years, and this year will be no different. Join us as we honor Dr. Foltz and his fight to find a cure for brain cancer. Please consider joining us this year by donating or signing up for our team. Every person who runs, walks, donates or volunteers is helping make a positive impact on brain cancer research.

Our Team

Team Members
Name Raised
Nicole StansfieldCaptain $8,510.00
Holly G. Zimmerman $6,925.00
Jill Zimmerman $75.00
Cal Zimmerman $75.00
Lori Chisman $100.00
Alex Bennett $735.00
Eric Zimmerman $4,100.00
Judy Geiger $550.00
Bert Geiger $450.00
Lindsey Rodman $465.00
Vivian Huskinson $100.00
Zaneta Noreikaite $90.00
Lauren Napoli $900.00
Hollie Walcott $100.00
Natalie Dobson $100.00
Eliza Kelly $0.00
Amy Chisman $450.00
Derek Chisman $550.00
Otto Chisman $25.00
Sadie Chisman $25.00
Beth Halvorsen $150.00
Mimi Worzel $2,083.00
Ester Frey $200.00
Jen Yerkes $400.00
Alan Kipust $150.00

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Our Photos


Our Progress


Our Donors

Team Sponsors
NameDateTeam MemberComments
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 11/21/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program 11/20/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program 11/20/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program 11/20/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program 11/20/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program 11/20/2013 Amy Chisman
Steven Chester 10/17/2013 Derek Chisman Go kid go!!!
Grainger Matching Gifts Program 10/15/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman
Carla Bauer 10/1/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Gale Caroon 10/1/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Judith Mahlman 9/30/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman
Jeane Buchanan 9/30/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman
Anonymous 9/30/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman from NuWest Group
Katie Robinson 9/26/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Jeff Decker 9/24/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Micah Samuels 9/24/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Bret Burnside 9/24/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Lindsey Rodman 9/24/2013 Lindsey Rodman From Adam & Steph West
Michael McAdam 9/23/2013 Nicole Stansfield In honor of Holly, and also Matthew Jacko.
Kim Millen 9/22/2013 Mimi Worzel
Amy Chisman 9/21/2013 Derek Chisman
Deborah Farese 9/21/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Nomeda Lukoseviciene 9/21/2013 Zaneta Noreikaite Pirmyn, drauge!
Eulalija Noreikaite 9/21/2013 Zaneta Noreikaite
Michelle Razore 9/20/2013 Nicole Stansfield Go Holly!
Alison Gaylor 9/20/2013 Nicole Stansfield This donation is for Holly's Heroes - Love you, Holly!
Iantha Miner 9/20/2013 Nicole Stansfield Happy to make a donation at the request of my niece, Nicole Stansfield
Judy Nelson 9/20/2013 Nicole Stansfield In honor of Holly and her amazing spirit! We support you all the way! Hugs.......Judy and Rob
Anna Gordon 9/20/2013 Nicole Stansfield In honor of Holly and our nephew Andrew (super survivor!)'s 23rd birthday.-Anna Gordon and Pete Kangas
Artur Hanski 9/20/2013 Nicole Stansfield Holly and Kami are inspirations in this battle, Love the Hanski Family
Judith Greif 9/20/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Jennifer Norton 9/20/2013 Nicole Stansfield Thinking of you Holly!
Linda Driscoll 9/20/2013 Nicole Stansfield
John Bratrud 9/20/2013 Nicole Stansfield - John and Leslie Bratrud
Cherilynn Galanti 9/20/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Shannon Treverton 9/19/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Jason Burby 9/19/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Lindsay Taylor 9/19/2013 Nicole Stansfield
SanMar Corporation 9/19/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Julia Diefendorf 9/19/2013 Natalie Dobson
Darcy Dawson 9/19/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman
Jeff Coma 9/19/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman
Michelle Kastner 9/19/2013 Mimi Worzel Go Mimi! You Rock!
Ilene Schaffer 9/19/2013 Mimi Worzel
Charlie Phillips 9/18/2013 Derek Chisman Worthy cause - hope it's not raining :)
Melanie Wynkoop 9/18/2013 Derek Chisman Great cause, happy to support your team!
Melissa Norris 9/18/2013 Susan E. Wilson
Roy Yates 9/18/2013 Susan E. Wilson From Roy and Barbara Yates
Leslie Brewer 9/18/2013 Leslie Brewer
Peggy Prewett 9/18/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman Don and I are cheering your efforts and strength!
Nicole Stansfield 9/18/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Steven Haywood 9/18/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Anonymous 9/18/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Kelly Marty 9/17/2013 Nicole Stansfield GO Holly's Heroes!!
Douglas Napoli 9/17/2013 Lauren Napoli We Love you Will
Lawrence McCune 9/17/2013 Lauren Napoli
Marie Napoli 9/17/2013 Lauren Napoli For Will, we love you. -Diane Baker and Marie Napoli
Lindsey Rodman 9/17/2013 Lindsey Rodman Love, Bennett, Asher & Dane
Ilyse Wagner 9/17/2013 Lisa Loop
Sara Salem 9/17/2013 Amy Chisman
Craig Eaton 9/17/2013 Otto Chisman
Gene Meyer 9/17/2013 Derek Chisman Keep Walking! Great cause!
Marilee Rhodes 9/17/2013 Derek Chisman
Ben Bloom 9/17/2013 Derek Chisman Happy to support such a great organization!
Allyson White 9/17/2013 Derek Chisman Good luck Derek, wonderful cause! :)
Kelly Silver 9/16/2013 Mimi Worzel Way to go, Mimi!
Anonymous 9/16/2013 Ester Frey
Laura Cook 9/16/2013 Lindsey Rodman Wish I could be there to walk it with you. Sending you and your whole family all my love (and a small contribution).
Kim Linzey 9/16/2013 Lindsey Rodman Sending lots of love, care and prayers! We don't really know each other very well, but we are family!!!!
Bert Geiger 9/16/2013 Judy Geiger
Judy Geiger 9/16/2013 Bert Geiger
The Seattle Foundation 9/16/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Jennifer Andrews 9/16/2013 Nicole Stansfield Know way too many people affected by brain cancer or tumors. Happy to contribute.
Evangelina Levin 9/16/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Diane Friedl 9/16/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Caroline Poling 9/16/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Nicole Casey 9/15/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Jennie Oswald 9/15/2013 Nicole Stansfield Go Holly GO!
Lynda Martin 9/15/2013 Nicole Stansfield In Honor of Awesome Holly Zimmerman
Anonymous 9/15/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Suzie Green 9/15/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Anonymous 9/15/2013 Hollie Walcott
Anonymous 9/15/2013 Nader Nur
John Fernandes 9/14/2013 Mimi Worzel
Joan Napoli 9/14/2013 Lauren Napoli For our little Will and all boys and girls like him. We pray for full recovery. -Joan and Vic Napoli
Anonymous 9/14/2013 Lauren Napoli For little Will.
Amy Corcoran 9/14/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Nancy Brown 9/13/2013 Nicole Stansfield We'll be cheering for you from afar! Jim and Nancy
Nancy Brown 9/13/2013 Jill Zimmerman Have a great walk next Saturday, Jill. Go Holly! Jim and Nanny
Nancy Brown 9/13/2013 Cal Zimmerman Have a great time at your mom's walk next week! Jim and Nanny
Amy Aureli 9/12/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman Go Holly's Heros!
Doug Hott 9/12/2013 Zaneta Noreikaite
Eric Zimmerman 9/12/2013 Eric Zimmerman
Christine Cutler 9/12/2013 Nicole Stansfield Go Holly!!!
Julia Little 9/12/2013 Mimi Worzel
Anonymous 9/11/2013 Mimi Worzel Go girl! Good luck!!!
Adam Deller 9/11/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Lesley Demers 9/9/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman
Tanya Vail 9/9/2013 Mimi Worzel Go Mimi!
Dian Schuler 9/7/2013 Mimi Worzel
Neal Shapiro 9/6/2013 Mimi Worzel
Brandy Nordstrom 9/6/2013 Mimi Worzel
Neal Shapiro 9/6/2013 Mimi Worzel
Jennifer Lamb 9/6/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman Go Holls!
Je Miller 9/6/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman
Nc Brown 9/6/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman
Zaneta Noreikaite 9/6/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman
Colleen Bromen 9/6/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman
Dori West 9/5/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman For my new tennis friend, Holly!
Karen Johnson 9/5/2013 Natalie Dobson
Neil Howard 9/5/2013 Nicole Stansfield Go, Holly! - Neil and Jane Howard
Margaret Zimmerman 9/5/2013 Nicole Stansfield Gorgeous Holly, go, go, GO!
Kelly Waldher 9/5/2013 Amy Chisman Happy walking Amy, for such an amazing cause!! - Kelly and Jennifer Waldher
Rizza Cea 9/5/2013 Amy Chisman Such a great cause! Sorry can't join in the walk!
Anonymous 9/5/2013 Beth Halvorsen From Patrick and Beth Halvorsen
Julie Nordstrom 9/5/2013 Mimi Worzel
Megan Smith 9/5/2013 Mimi Worzel
David Henkin 9/5/2013 Mimi Worzel
Cori Constantine 9/5/2013 Mimi Worzel Go Mims! :)
Angela Walmsley 9/5/2013 Mimi Worzel
Elizabeth Stein 9/5/2013 Mimi Worzel
Sally Wright 9/5/2013 Mimi Worzel
Heidi Seger 9/4/2013 Nicole Stansfield Go Holly's Heroes! Hoping for a cure!
Karina Schweitzer 9/4/2013 Lindsey Rodman
Michele Armstrong 9/3/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Robert A Lee 9/3/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Kirsten Ward 9/3/2013 Amy Chisman Go Amy!
Jody Reich 9/2/2013 Jody Reich
Joy Sheppard 9/2/2013 Nicole Stansfield From Michael and Joy
Clifford Stocks 9/1/2013 Nicole Stansfield From the Stocks Family
Larry Rodman 8/31/2013 Nicole Stansfield Go team!
Fran Rodman 8/31/2013 Lindsey Rodman Sending our love!
Jennifer Bamieh 8/31/2013 Lindsey Rodman
Anonymous 8/31/2013 Zaneta Noreikaite
Cathy Nobis 8/31/2013 Sadie Chisman Good Luck, Sadie! Amelia
Lisa Loop 8/30/2013 Lisa Loop
Martta Howard 8/30/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman Have a Great Walk!
Sonja Gerard 8/30/2013 Nicole Stansfield Friend of the Chisman Family - Good luck with the Walk!
Anonymous 8/29/2013 Eric Zimmerman
Wendy Jones 8/29/2013 Wendy Jones
Tyler Lund 8/28/2013 Jen Yerkes
Barbara Fruhling 8/28/2013 Jen Yerkes So very glad to hear this new discovery is bringing some help to Holly, and that she has so many friends like you to support the research effort. She remains in our prayers.
Debbie Dreis 8/28/2013 Jen Yerkes
Alan Kipust 8/28/2013 Alan Kipust
Tom Frey 8/28/2013 Ester Frey from Tom & June Frey
Sandra Komer 8/28/2013 Judy Geiger
Brian Hirshman 8/28/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Shanna Case 8/28/2013 Nicole Stansfield from Shanna & John Case
Aileen Cronin 8/28/2013 Nicole Stansfield from Aileen & Todd Cronin
Kristi Reynolds 8/23/2013 Nicole Stansfield Go get 'em Holly!
Debbie Batteiger 8/23/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Jim Sokol 8/23/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Tommy Tomsic 8/23/2013 Alex Bennett
Kelley Garrett 8/23/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman
Mimi Worzel 8/23/2013 Mimi Worzel
Brett Chamberlain 8/23/2013 Amy Chisman Go Chismans! Love you all, The Chamberlains
Laurie Greif 8/22/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman
Ann Roy 8/22/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman
Timothy Knapp 8/22/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman
Bradley Thomas 8/22/2013 Eric Zimmerman
Jennifer Knutson 8/22/2013 Amy Chisman
Emerson Franks 8/22/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Michael Beck 8/22/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Ryan Gaukroger 8/22/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Alyssa Edwards 8/21/2013 Nicole Stansfield I'll be doing the 3 Day walk that weekend so won't make the festivities. Fingers crossed you and the team make it three for three with the fundraising!
Amy Chisman 8/21/2013 Amy Chisman
Shannon McMillan 8/21/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman We're so proud of your dedication Holly and are thrilled to support you!
Erin Hagens 8/20/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Amy Wolff 8/20/2013 Nicole Stansfield Amy and Aaron Wolff
Kara Stark 8/20/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman Have a great event!
Kathryn Evered 8/16/2013 Nicole Stansfield from Brad & Kathryn Evered
Penelope Pavlinovic 8/16/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Sally Walcott 8/14/2013 Hollie Walcott
Hollie Walcott 8/14/2013 Hollie Walcott
Lauren Napoli 8/14/2013 Lauren Napoli
Vivian Huskinson 8/3/2013 Vivian Huskinson
Eve Wilkerson 7/29/2013 Alex Bennett
Eric Zimmerman 7/29/2013 Nicole Stansfield
Michele Sevart 7/25/2013 Alex Bennett Way to go, Alex!
Felicia Edwards 7/24/2013 Alex Bennett n/a
Lori Thorpe 7/23/2013 Alex Bennett So proud of what you are doing, I lost my sister in law to brain cancer almost two years ago, we all miss her so dearly.. God Bless you for your strength and message...
Kristin Bryan 7/19/2013 Alex Bennett We love you Alex!
Cameron Taylor 7/19/2013 Alex Bennett We love you Alex!
Brenda Hill 7/19/2013 Alex Bennett Love you sweet girl. Congrats on your recovery. Cancer is not fair, but I'm thankful for your strength and courage to get well!
Roy Chance 7/19/2013 Alex Bennett
Brian Keefe 7/19/2013 Alex Bennett Keep your chin up and feet moving forward.
Dayna Whitmer 7/19/2013 Alex Bennett Via Brian Keefe, in honor of Kevin Pratt, who died from a brain cancer. May you find Hope, Strength and Peace in your journey.
Karista Bennett 7/18/2013 Alex Bennett I love you!!
Janelle Maiocco 7/10/2013 Alex Bennett Cannot wait to meet you! (Friend of you mom!)
Ellen Taylor 7/9/2013 Alex Bennett
Janet Phillips 7/8/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman
Lori Chisman 7/5/2013 Lori Chisman
Richard Beals 7/2/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman
Karen Randall 6/24/2013 Holly G. Zimmerman
Karen Randall 6/24/2013 Cal Zimmerman
Karen Randall 6/24/2013 Jill Zimmerman

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